Health & Wellness Consultations

Over the last 30+ Years, Ron’s Performed thousands of Consultations on Men & Women, and Children.

In order to provide the best results for your personal health & wellness consultation, Ron has put together a detailed list of questions that will enable him to conduct a much more detailed consultation vs. having you spend that time over the phone or in person and him answering your questions real-time.  By allowing Ron to analyze these questions upfront, his consultation will be much more effective. It generally takes a few days to fully process your pre-consultation form but be assured the extra time is designed to get you the best results and most information on your current health and wellness.

One-Time Personalized Health,
Wellness & Restoration Consultations

Consultation Includes:

Pre-Consultation Form Review by Ron
1 Hour+ Personalized Form Phone Consultation by Ron
30 Minute Follow-up Consultation Call by Ron

For Best Results, Please Fill Out Ron’s Pre-Consultation Form First Then Purchase Consultation Below

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the entire form but isn’t better health & wellness worth the time. Incoming pre-consultation forms without payment will not be processed.

General Information about Yourself

Rate the following from ( Absent / Mild / Moderate / Severe )

For Women Only

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Within a few days after Purchase

Ron will be in touch to set up a personalized phone consultation. He may need some medical records sent prior to the consultation but he’ll advise.

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